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Preceptorials are short, small, non-credit seminars generated by students and led by distinguished faculty, outstanding graduate students, lauded external educators and exceptional undergraduate students. The program is designed to foster an interactive and educative environment that values learning for learning's sake. To that end, there are no grades or tests. Preceptorials are not graded, so that students are given the opportunity to have a guided learning experience outside the traditional setting of a classroom. Most Preceptorials emphasize a hands on approach to learning, and meet once over the course of the semester.

Mission: The Preceptorial Committee is a student-run organization that creates enrichment seminars in collaboration with esteemed professors, lauded external educators, outstanding graduate students, and exceptional undergraduate students to encourage intellectual development for the sake of learning and not school credit. The Committee encourages a hands-on approach that will broaden the students' intellectual and experiential horizons beyond their academic requirements.


Delve into new perspectives and disciplines.


Registration entitles you to a spot on the WAITLIST from which participants' names are drawn. This is because course times may vary and not all participants may be able to attend. We apologize for the misnomer of having you officially registered for a class in the case that you are ultimately not selected!

Registration Process:

Register to the google forms on You may register for multiple Preceptorials. Registration does NOT guarantee you a spot. Registration is simply an indication of your interest in attending the preceptorial. At this step, you are still not required to attend the preceptorial.

Sometime after registering, you will be contacted via e-mail by the Preceptorial organizer. The organizer will inform you of the exact date and time of the preceptorial as well as your position on the class list. Due to the high demand for preceptorials, class lists are compiled via a randomized process. At this point, you will be able to indicate whether you are able to attend the preceptorial at the scheduled time and whether you would be interested in remaining on the waitlist if that applies.

The preceptorial organizer will then inform you whether you are enrolled or waitlisted. If you are enrolled (i.e. on the roster of the preceptorial) you MUST attend the preceptorial OR cancel your enrollment at least 24 hours before the preceptorial. If you are on the waitlist, there is a very high probability that someone on the Registered list will be unable to attend the Preceptorial; you will be notified via e-mail if a spot has become available.

Rules and Regulations:

If you have any queries or questions, please contact the Contact Person, on the Preceptorial General Body, responsible for the Preceptorial in question and NOT the Preceptorial Instructor / Professor.

If you confirm your enrollment (see Step 2 of the Registration Process above) for a Preceptorial, you are under obligation to attend the Preceptorial. If, however, situations of crisis arise, please contact the Preceptorial Organizer responsible for the Preceptorial you are registered for ASAP.

If you confirm a Preceptorial booking with the contact person, for any given Preceptorial, but you neglect to show up on the day of the Preceptorial - you will receive one strike and will be notified via e-mail. If this happens again, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM PARTICIPATING IN PRECEPTORIALS FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER AND NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER FOR PRECEPTORIALS FOR THE NEXT YEAR, REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCES..

If the Preceptorial you are registered for has multiple session, and you fail to attend any ONE session, you will forfeit the rest of the seminars. YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE ONE STRIKE (see above).

Unless you have made prior arrangements with the Preceptorial Organizer and the Preceptorial Instructor, please arrive in a timely fashion. You are not allowed to leave a Preceptorial early, unless you have made prior arrangements. Arriving later than 15 minutes at a Preceptorial will result in the suspension of your registration rights for Preceptorials for the next year.

The Preceptorials Committee values diversity and seeks talented students from diverse backgrounds. The Preceptorials Committee does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam Era Veteran or disabled veteran. Questions or complaints regarding this policy should be directed to:



Make exciting friends who love exploring all Penn has to offer.


Benjamin Blumenstein
President - Technology Director

Benjamin is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Math and Engineering Entrepreneurship. He is also the Performance Director of Penn Ballet works project by project for the Advanced Technology Corporation where he is employed as Senior Technology Consultant.

Patricia Chan
Vice President

Patricia is from Hong Kong and is a junior in the College majoring in Biology. She is a new member of MERT, works in a genetics lab, and is also involved with the Assembly of International Student on campus. In her spare times during the week, she can be found and home in pajamas planning what to cook and eat for the week.

Allison Capron

Allison is a sophomore in Wharton. She is involved in Wharton Asia Exchange and works in Vance Hall. She loves sleeping and eating sweets and junk food. She really hates Ben and wishes he would be less annoying.

Alisha Joshi
New Members & Social Chair

Alisha is a sophomore in Wharton. She's also involved in Moneythink, ASPIRE, and Students Against Sex Trafficking. She loves coffee, dogs, and hiking.

Shahbano Wain
Academic Outreach Director

Shahbano is a sophomore from Pakistan and Dubai majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Math and English. She is a part of Atma, and she loves to curl up on her couch with Netflix or a great book. She loves The Great Gatsby a bit too much.  

Ipek Guney
Student Outreach Director

Ipek is a sophomore from Istanbul, Turkey concentrating in Finance and Legal Studies. She is a Research Assistant at the Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department at Wharton. She is in the research team an junior board in Smart Women Securities and she works at the UPenn's Student Federal Credit Union. In her free time, Ipek likes to paint and listen to music. She specifically enjoys modern art and surrealism, and listens to chill wave.

Katherine Chen
NSO Preceptorials Director

Yelina Chen

Yelina is a sophomore in the College majoring in Cognitive Science and Economics. She's also involved in Rotaract and the International Mentorship Program in the Assembly of International Students. She loves chocolate and traveling. She enjoys taking random walks with friends to center city and old city.

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